ID Theft Defense

ID Theft Defence

Brand new to HTG's Total Solutions Package - we now can provide a way to protect more than just you and your personal property -- We can now help protect your identity.

Info Armor

ID Defense

ShieldOur ID Defense will monitor an your risk of identity theft, not just respond to a loss afterwards. Our technology and personal Privacy Advocates are here to protect and restore what matters most—your identity and security.

This service provides a cost-effective but sophisticated solution for the complicated problem of identity theft. It includes elements that assess risk, deter identity theft, and detect fraud in its earliest stages. Should an identity be stolen, it also includes a high-tech and high-touch system for managing the restoration process and an Identity Theft Insurance Policy* for financial relief up to $25,000 for associated costs, legal defense expenses, and lost wages.

This protection makes it easy for you to gain and retain control of private information and thwart identity-related crimes before they happen. We help users stop pre-approved credit card offers and reduce junk mail and telemarketing calls. Monthly newsletters provide tips, tools and resources on how to protect financial resources such as how to access and review free credit reports and medical bureau data.

Internet Surveillance

Internet SurveillanceInternet Surveillance continuously monitors (24 x 7 x 365) the Underground Economy to uncover your compromised, sensitive information. Internet Surveillance scours an ever-evolving complex of over 30,000 compromised machines, networks and web services identified by leading cyber security firms. Whether it is personal identifying information (i.e. name, address or Social Security number), a medical insurance card or an email address, it is designed to find breached data and alerts you in real-time.

Digital Identity Report:  This interactive, easy-to-read report not only summarizes what a real-time deep Internet search finds out about you, but also offers a Privacy Grade with tips to better secure your information. Digital Identity goes far beyond a typical Internet search and showcases a your exposure on the Internet.

Wallet Protection with Card Monitoring and Password Storage

Wallet ProtectionWallet Protection with Card Monitoring and Password Storage makes protecting sensitive information quick and easy. If a wallet is lost, our Privacy Advocates help victims replace essential cards and documents. We also monitor wallets with 24 x 7 card monitoring and alerts. This easy-to-use wallet protection allows you to securely store and protect the contents of your wallet, store a password, and record other important personal documents. Our card monitoring uses state-of-the-art technology to scour the Internet's Underground Economy 24 x 7 and alert a subscriber in real-time when an item is thought to be compromised. This Real-Time Card Monitoring takes an inventory of critical documents to securely record contact information and encrypt account information to monitor for misuse in the underground internet by monitoring the following documents:

  • User IDs & Passwords
  • Debit & ATM Cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Checking Account Information
  • Driver’s License
  • Health Insurance Cards
  • Dental Insurance Cards
  • Vehicle Insurance Cards
  • Frequent Flyer Cards
  • Other Affinity Program Cards
  • Library Cards
  • Voter Registration Cards

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Additionally, when your wallet is lost or stolen, an expert Privacy Advocate will quickly help you identify missing documents, contact authorities, generate needed documents and work to replace essential cards and documents. Help is just a call away.

IdentityMDIdentity MD

The second worst thing to having your identity stolen is tackling the arduous process of restoring it. IdentityMD provides step-by-step help managing identity recovery efforts for victims plus tips, tools and resources to prevent identity theft.

There is so much more to this protection, please contact us today to show you more. Call us today 419-225-7776