Fire Alarm

Homeland Technology has you covered to help keep you compliant with all the many code and regulations that exist today. Building a new building, or just needing to update an old, malfunctioning or even non-functioning system, HTG has the solution.

A fire can have a crippling effect on your home, business, or even your life. HTG has the latest in fire alarm systems available! We have been designing, installing, and inspecting fire alarm systems since 2002. We use the latest technologies, regardlees of manufacturer, to insure your fire alarm system communicates quickly and efficiently to our central station. Being that our central station is UL approved to use internet communicators, our customers can utilize their existing broadband connection to communicate to their fire alarm signals so that they don't have to maintain those expensive analog phone lines.

Fire Alarm

Already have an existing fire alarm system?
Paying unreasonably high service rates? FeelĀ trapped?

No problem, we service several makes and models. In many situations we are able to replace your existing fire alarm system for less than it costs to maintain it!

Need a variance? Our systems are NFPA72 compliant. We will work on your behalf with local AHJ if you run into any NFPA72 isuues.

Diversity is our strength. It allows us to choose the best of the best regardless of manufacturer. We believe that being married to your supplier is unhealthy and gives the customer that "trapped" feeling. We foster business relationships and retain clients based on our exceptional level of service.

Give us a call and let's discuss the possibilities. (choose Central Station from the menu to view more info)

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